Creator in Android Tasker

I’ve used the Android Tasker app to make a small tool for creating URLs, because tapping out the full URL is just TOO HARD. :smile: If you’d like to try it, here’s an import link using Tasker’s new Tasker Net sharing feature: Creator

It consists of a small task and this scene: Creator scene

You configure the task to contain your own base URL (edit the first action in the task) and then run the task to see the scene. Enter your promise in the big text box (e.g., “return the book to Bob”) and then (optionally) use the buttons below that to set a date. The scene will create the URL for you, including replacing spaces in your text with underscores. It shows you the URL in the bottom text area and has buttons for copying it to the clipboard or copying plus opening it in a browser.

Here’s the scene in use: Creator scene with data

The date buttons are extremely non-standard because I don’t like the normal Android date and time pickers, and for this specific use I think tapping a couple of buttons is easier. The + and - buttons increase the day by one, the +7 increases it by 7 days, the “Sunday” button sets the date to the first Sunday after today, and I’ll leave the use of the “today” button as a mystery for you to solve. I think the date setter is bug-free, except that it thinks February always has 28 days. :scream_cat: If you find any other bug, please tell me about it!

When you’re setting a date for future months, I suggest entering the day number first. Depending on how you enter it, the month might be changed automatically for you.

For the hour and minute fields, you just type into them, or leave them blank if you want to use its default time of midnight. The hour field expects 24-hour time (e.g., enter “13” for 1pm).

If you tick the “add blurb” checkbox, the text that’s copied to the clipboard will include a description of You customise that description by editing the second action in the task.

So that’s about it! If you find any problems or have any feedback, post here!

If you use a todo application that can be updated by Tasker, you could edit this tool to give it an extra step for creating a matching todo item.


This sounds great. Thanks, Alys! I tried to make a quick IFTTT maker channel recipe to create commitments but it looks like it kept getting errors (I’m assuming because of the bot detector in the promise creation code?). It would be great to tie something into Google Assistant to be able to create commitments by voice. I’ll try out your Tasker app and see if I can tie it into an AutoVoice profile to populate the scene fields. Perhaps, for broader Google Assistant functionality via Google Home devices, I’ll see if can use IFTTT or something to open the generated link on a phone rather than attempting to connect directly via an IFTTT webhook.