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Complice Goal Crafting Intensive?

Hi folks!

Anyone else besides @dehowell ever do the Complice Goal Crafting Intensive?

What did you think of it?


Since I haven’t answered you yet in the book club thread, I’ll jump in!

I’ve participated in the GCI each of the last three years, although this year I wasn’t able to fully participate in the live workshop due to parenting commitments. Obviously I’m getting something out of it, because I keep coming back! The basic framework @malcolm uses has stayed consistent, but he’s been steadily improving the handbook doc describing it and recommended techniques.

Even though I couldn’t really attend, I signed up this year to get access to the updated materials. Besides, the five hour workshop is hardly enough time to both absorb the content and plan out even one goal. If you take the material seriously, you’ll need to keep putting in incremental work to check in with the goal and revise your plans. It’s a year-long commitment. It also dovetails nicely with the final section of Atomic Habits, so I’d say the GCI is a good opportunity to really put into practice related concepts.


How much would I feel like a garbage person if I sign up now, but can’t really commit until next quarter?

Oh… and with respect to how GCI complements Beeminder: very much like how Complice does. When you identify a goal you want to pursue with GCI materials, one or more Beeminder goals will probably seem like a very natural tool to support execution. GCI suggest both hard and soft accountability and Beeminder users will typically be well-prepared for the hard accountability aspects.

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We should convince @malcolm to put the materials up on Teachable or something, for those of who end needing to do it asynchronously.

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The course materials are now on a website, and you can go through them asynchronously. We also have weekly goal-crafters community of practice meetups, where people go through the material.

So @adamwolf you could sign up now and just wait a few months then engage with the material and the meetups. The main thing you’d miss out on is the live-coaching, if you don’t come to the event.


Alright, I’ll sign up this week! Thanks Malcolm! I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt anyone on “my team” since some things like this are structured that way.


I did GCI two years ago and found it EXTREMELY helpful. (It was part of the process of deciding to get divorced, which I swear was a good thing.) Last year I re-used the documents on my own and found it very useful. This year I… meant to reuse them again but actually haven’t done an annual review yet. (…Blocked off my weekend for this now.) Next year I’d like to do it live again, to see how the materials have updated and to have that firm commitment in my calendar.


Is the Complice Goal Crafting Intensive still available?

I just registered an account and I’m trying to figure out how to use Complice and integrate it with Beeminder & TaskRatchet.