Seeking Beeminding Complice Accountability Partner

Hi. I just returned to Complice as the main framework for my daily task management. I’m only a few days in, but it seems to be working for me better than in the past.

As you may know, Complice has a function/service where you can pair up with someone else and keep each other accountable. I don’t really know anyone on Complice (or I don’t know that I know them, since there isn’t a list of users) so I was wondering if any of the beeminder clan is either
a) a Complice user and without a partner
b) not a Complice user but was just becoming one and also looking for an accountability partner

Any takers? Ideally someone with a somewhat similar work pattern / task set to me (i.e. writing, learning, research, small business and a bunch of random habits with a focus on health / fitness) so that we can both benefit from the exchange/pairing.

In any case, let me know?


WOW! I haven’t used Beeminder in many moons, and I came on here, hoping beyond all hope to see something like what this exactly is. I remember I started using Beeminder two years ago, and the one thing that kept me from habitually using it was I needed social accountability. I suppose, since the forum started existing around then, that I could have asked what you just did back then, but ah well, such is life and sunk costs.

I’d be glad to do it!


If someone needs a partner I’ll do it for my 14 day trial period over at complice.


I’m also looking for an accountability partner. I’m Derek on Complice and I’m usually in the Hacker Hall these days.

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Hi, i ff you’re still looking for accountability partners, I match you for free based on timezone, age, goals, etc.

Well I need this too. thank you for the link, really helpful!

I’m looking for an accomplice too. I’ll sign up to your offer, I just upgraded from my trial and looking for an accountability partner. Unfortunately I only sync with your interest in health and fitness. Let me in to the specs of workouts. I mainly do strength training if you are into that.