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Complice vs. BaaS


Are Complice and BaaS competitors? Do they serve a similar role, or can they complement each other? Does anyone use both, or does it make more sense to just pick one?

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My original concept for Complice was kind of similar to Boss As A Service, in that it involved having someone (me) engage with users’ lists of what they were working on each day. But as it evolved, it because much more about self-awareness rather than external accountability (except for the accountability partner feature).

So I could imagine someone using both, although I don’t specifically know anyone who does.


Agree with what Malcolm said above! :slight_smile: Complice focuses on a system of intentions + outcomes, and self-reflection, and BaaS focuses on human accountability.

I know we have a few BaaS users who use Complice regularly too, so I think they can complement each other nicely!


Can they integrate? Can BaaS track Complice and charge me when certain conditions are not met?


Sure, though charging you would also require Beeminder! So if you had a workflow like “If I don’t finish all my intentions on Complice for Friday, and prove it to BaaS via screenshots, BaaS can have Beeminder charge me” that would work! :slight_smile:


So you no longer engage with users’ lists?


Correct. Haven’t since mid-2015. I don’t see any user data set to private, though I can see how many intentions a user has for a given goal on a given day for support purposes. But all I can see is that #2 is blue and has 3 intentions, etc.