Complice vs. BaaS

Are Complice and BaaS competitors? Do they serve a similar role, or can they complement each other? Does anyone use both, or does it make more sense to just pick one?

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My original concept for Complice was kind of similar to Boss As A Service, in that it involved having someone (me) engage with users’ lists of what they were working on each day. But as it evolved, it because much more about self-awareness rather than external accountability (except for the accountability partner feature).

So I could imagine someone using both, although I don’t specifically know anyone who does.


Agree with what Malcolm said above! :slight_smile: Complice focuses on a system of intentions + outcomes, and self-reflection, and BaaS focuses on human accountability.

I know we have a few BaaS users who use Complice regularly too, so I think they can complement each other nicely!


Can they integrate? Can BaaS track Complice and charge me when certain conditions are not met?

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Sure, though charging you would also require Beeminder! So if you had a workflow like “If I don’t finish all my intentions on Complice for Friday, and prove it to BaaS via screenshots, BaaS can have Beeminder charge me” that would work! :slight_smile:


So you no longer engage with users’ lists?

Correct. Haven’t since mid-2015. I don’t see any user data set to private, though I can see how many intentions a user has for a given goal on a given day for support purposes. But all I can see is that #2 is blue and has 3 intentions, etc.