Confused about safe days on weight loss goal

Yesterday, I was slightly above the mid-line of the yellow brick road; my memory is that it said I had about 8 safe days.
Today, I entered a lower weight, below the mid-line, which, based on my loss objective, should have gained me several additional safe days. But now my graph says 3 safe days (and 12 hours and a few minutes).
Under ‘Statistics’, the delta for Thursday (which is five days out) is greater than my weekly loss objective, so shouldn’t I have around 12 safe days?


This might have to do with the fact that on the weight-loss goals the width of the lanes is auto-adjustable. Once you are in the “wrong” (upper) lane, the lane width frozes, but once you are back to the “good” (lower) lane it becomes auto-adjustable again. So it autoadjusted to the dispersion of the data. But until you are in the “bad” lane, it can shrink and widen, so in fact, the number of “safe days” means nothing. You have not actually lost anything. If you happen to report an extremely high value, the width will auto-adjust anyway.
*aside: a highly obscure feature. I think there were announcements about plans to get rid of this weirdness.


There’s also some historical weirdness in how weight goals calculate safe days; as @denbeau noticed, it’s the safe days until you cross into the next lane of the road.

But if your weight fluctuates anything like mine does, there’s nothing particularly safe about those safe days…

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Yes, I think that must be it; I hadn’t noticed this behaviour before. The ‘Hard Cap by Day’ still seems to refer to the upper bound of the road, so I’ll trust that one to be consistent.