Couch to marathon schedule (new year's resolution?)

In case anyone has a new year’s resolution to start running, here’s the schedule I used. It starts with 20’ walking, then a combination and only have a 20’ run after week 6.

  1. Create a copy from the File menu
  2. Duplicate the sheet so that you can keep a record of your actual progress without editing the schedule
  3. Feel free to adjust the schedule depending on your progress.
  4. Feel really free to find an amount of runs you feel comfortable. You’re not expected to do a marathon. I never did (only a half marathon) :slight_smile:
    running schedule - Google Sheets

P.S. It’s my forum anniversary apparently :smiley:


Hi @apolyton,

congrats on your half marathon.

Were you just jogging the distances mentioned going by feeling? Or perhaps you were monitoring your heart rate and pacing yourself according to heart rate zones.


I tried to follow the schedule and if I was not successful I repeated the schedule of that week until I could make it.

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