updating run goal to train for marathon

so i’ve had this run goal for a bit and i actually need to prepare for a marathon (42km) on June 20. ideally, i should be running a similar amount every week before the marathon start.

i’m already comfortable with ~10km/week so my strategy is to increase my goal by 3km every week (11 weeks left) so i reach sth like 43km/week around June 20.

now, the topic:

  1. is there a way to schedule automatic increases and if yes how do i do it?
  2. (murphyjutstu) do you guys have any idea on how this project might fail?
  3. has anyone tried something similar, and if yes what would you advice to your past self?

I just tried this recently with a goal. I went into the visual road editor and manually added road segments with increasing rates for each.

However, I also ended up derailing since the rate quickly became unmanageable… so I’d tell my past self to be careful to be realistic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Every time I tried doing something remotely interesting in the visual toad editor it bugged and couldn’t do it and I lost all the changes, unfortunately. I’m afraid it is still very experimental and for the time being people might be better off with the old non visual road editor. It is less of a drawback than you might think, because the visual editor is not that good for actually changing the road segments in the visual part. You can’t move them horizontally (in time), but only up and down, so all it let’s you do is adjusting the rate. But it does not snap to whole numbers so you have to fix that in the road matrix anyway.

For me as someone who was not formally trained on American, but on British English, it was also surprising to learn that “through” in this context means “until sometime, inclusively”. With that in mind it shouldn’t be a problem to figure out the road matrix. Which, again, you have to in the new editor as well.


that’s exactly the tool i needed, thanks! the result:


do you mean that your max amount of km per week is 10 and you want to go 43?
or that your cumulative number of km is 10 and you want to go to 43 (probably not cause you usually need to do 2-3 runs per week when training for a marathon)