Creating a Beeminder goal

I’m guessing there’s no actual integration at this point, so how is anyone planning to Beemind this in the meantime? Or even when there is Beeminder integration – percentage of commitments fulfilled? Number of commitments fulfilled seems like it would tend to encourage inflating the number with easy stuff to ensure meeting the goal, or not making it because you didn’t make enough commitments… anybody had any thoughts?

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I beemind it manually right now, and my metric is the sum of my scores.

The question about inflating the number with easy stuff is part of why I like the rule that only natural utterances of I-will statements count! But that also means I have to beemind this very conservatively since I can’t concoct a natural utterance on demand.

I’m wondering now about an inbox-ish style goal: “at the end of the day, how many commitments do I have remaining due within the next week”. That way it’s not just a total of commitments (which could theoretically include commitments to do something in six months’ time) or requiring one to make spurious commitments to make it to a number…


Okay, I really will try this now in a minute. Any minute. :slight_smile:

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