Dashboard forgets toggle status

I had toggled all goals to a) show the goal description instead of the slug b) show the deadline in static way (“due tonight, 12:00am”) rather than the quite irritating count-down (“in 14:15:52”).

Today everything is back to default and I have to do 60 clicks (I have 30 goals)…

If the toggle information is kept through some cookie, please consider adding a setting that would affect all goals (no granural control per goal is needed imho)


I also find the screenful of countdowns unhelpful and oddly irritating.

There’s exactly one countdown that counts, and that’s the next one.

For everything else, it’s sufficient to know that I’ve got until 9pm or whatever.

What do we think about putting a single countdown header on the dashboard, and removing it from the individual lines?

(This of course doesn’t change that there’s a toggle between “in 9 days” and “on 15 Nov”)


I strongly disagree.



That’s what makes Beeminder design so interesting; not one of us is a ‘typical’ user.


Very true.

I generally agree with @dreev that giving too many choices is a bad idea, so trying to solve this without adding yet another option:

What if there were a single countdown in the header and then a toggle that changed all your goals from deadline to countdown and back? Would that make both of us happy?

EDIT: and everyone else of course, the two of us are not the only Beeminder users :slight_smile: