Data on most popular goal types / parameters?

I’m thinking about and experimenting with UI ideas.

Do the beeminder folks have any data available about the popularity of the various goal types / parameters?

I’d be glad to hear from individuals too about their own goals: e.g. how many of your goals are do more vs do less, how many are ‘odometer’, things like that.

Happy to share UI prototypes later, especially if I can get feedback (won’t commit to any timescale though: spare time project that I plod away slowly at right now: haven’t done much frontend work for a while and I’m getting used to some new tools I’m experimenting with). And of course I would be delighted if beeminder likes anything enough to ‘steal’ ideas back or one-up them.

I think it’s going to be hard to find and test things that both work well and are easily understood by people not already immersed in the beeverse, but that’s what I’m trying to do.


Definitely eager to see your UI ideas!

One quick breakdown of all-time graph types:

  • do-more: 146062
  • do-less: 12265
  • odometer: 13720
  • weight-loss: 20384
  • weight-gain: 1843
  • whittle-down: 5284
  • custom: 7102

@dreev Out of curiosity how many Beeminder users are there?

4363 monthly-active users at the moment!

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