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Data on most popular goal names?

I saw this post on most popular goal types - the vast majority are do-more.

That got me wondering what the most popular goal names are. Probably generic things like “work,” “meditate,” “exercise,” and so on. It would be interesting to see the list of most commonly used goal names, to get some idea of what the most frequently beeminded things are.

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The best way to get ideas about what people are beeminding is probably to hang around the featured page!

(I’m not sure what I think about whether it’d be a good idea to share the most common goal names. Or, at least, it wouldn’t feel right to do so without excluding any that were marked as private by users, which would skew the sample, but maybe not in a way that matters.)

In any case, the featured page is often a source of inspiration for me when it comes to goals I might want to think about in the future or to ways of beeminding goals I’m thinking about but not sure how to track!


I thought about the privacy issue, but the most common goal names will be used by dozens of users and thus just disclosing the goalnames wouldn’t violate anyone’s privacy.

I would agree that, for privacy reasons, if a goalname is used by, say, less than 5 or 10 people, it shouldn’t be disclosed.


All of my goal names are very boring, or I guess utilitarian if I’m being nicer. They do exactly what they say on the tin. I really like the idea of interesting, creative names but they just add a layer of obscuration for my small mind.

I’m assuming that the more common beeminded tasks are the ones that have really good APIs. (Time monitoring with RescueTime, language learning with Duolingo, fitness wearables, etc.) I’m definitely super curious about unique and non-conventional ways people use Beeminder though!

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I’m way more curious about the most common names.