Stripe broken?

I’m trying to convert a friend to Beeminder, but they couldn’t add their credit card.

I’m fearing that this might reduce my chances of converting them :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there something broken?


Hi Camille! Thanks for alerting us.

I’ve mentioned this in our email correspondence too, but just in case this is faster: can you put them in touch with us via email instead? Troubleshooting via the forum is kind of problematic because personal data is involved, but if they email us via we can dig in much easier!

My first guess without being able to actually look at errors associated with their signup or anything would be that trying another browser is a good first step. Other members seem to be signing up okay right now, so it’s not a universal issue, at least – but we’d still like to get on top of it and figure out what’s happening.


Update: We have now launched the new version of Stripe Checkout (gory technical details here) – so this may also be a great time to retry if your friend is still having problems!