Edit upcoming changes

I’ve had to make a number of changes using the “Take a Break” feature due to some shifting plans and now things are all out of wack. Beeminder is no longer reflecting my changes and I can’t seem to clear the previous ones. Is there a way to wipe the “Take a Break”/“Upcoming changes” slate clean so that I can start fresh in laying out the upcoming holiday breaks?


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You’ve probably hit a bug with Take-A-Break, one of multiple ones we hope to fix with our new Generalized Road Dial. In the meantime we can fix your graph manually if you point us to it. (Don’t hold back asking for such assistance fixing a mess you made out of your yellow brick road. Fixing such messes is a huge help to us in figuring out how to prevent such messes in the first place!)

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Also, the “Take a Break” feature can be used to set any road slope. Most folks use it to flatten a section of road, but some goals just need an ‘easier’ section rather than ‘none-at-all’.

You can sometimes fix weirdness by “over-writing” the future period with the current slope, recreating a straight unbroken slope. That’s also how you’d remove a break that’s no longer needed.

(May not be relevant to your specific problem, but written for future searchers!)