Derailing two days in a row

I have several every day goals (and - shudder - do-zero goals) with no days of mercy. My understanding is that if I derail two days in a row, the charge for the second derailment won’t actually go through. Is that right? If so, is it perceived as a bug to fix? From my user point of view it is a bug, because I start to feel like I get a free day of mercy.

Yesterday I derailed on my various-forbidden-distractions-after-bedtime goal. I sorta feel like, ooh, I’m allowed to goof off after bedtime tonight because the derailment isn’t for real.


Beautiful potential bug report! (Have I mentioned lately that our bug bounty is stickers? DM me to claim them!)

I think the original idea was to suppress any new derailment charge if the goal already derailed within the last 24 hours. If it’s been exactly 24 hours though – and if you’ve explicitly set your post-derail respite (previously known as “days of mercy”) to zero – then you’re right, that charge shouldn’t be suppressed!

I actually believe it wouldn’t be but now I’m not sure myself. You say “your understanding” – is that something we’ve said or something you’ve observed with your own Beeminder goals?

Thanks again for asking about this!

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Thanks, Danny!

I meant the former. Nicky told me:

To clarify, you can only have one charge pending at a time, so for just over 24 hours after you’ve been charged (or longer if we delay a charge), you can’t be charged again. So right now there is a $90 charge pending, and until that goes through, you can’t be charged again.

Now I have looked at my financial records a little. It confirms that at least once I was not charged for a derailment the day following another derailment (katriel/bedtime, around May 1 give or take a day).


Ah, thanks for confirming! If @shanaqui said it then I don’t doubt it. And I agree that it’s being overzealous in suppressing charges. At the very least we could change that “just over 24 hours” to “strictly within 24 hours”. Now @bee will probably tell me how much easier said than done that is, but this is really good to have started the conversation. Thank you again!

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Just noting I think you lost another $60 from this today, unless the problem is fixed. If so I’d like to know too!

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Any update on this? The uncertainty of “maybe Beeminder has fixed this and I’ll get charged if I derail” is less motivating than “I know this is fixed and I’ll get charged if I derail”

As far as I’m aware, nothing has changed at this time – that is to say, if a charge is currently pending, then you will not be charged again, and charges are not processed until after your next deadline. Therefore you can’t be charged two days in a row.

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