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Bee just fixed an $18,754+/year bug + rejargoning the UI

holy forking shirtballs guys: @bee says there was $18,754 in lost revenue since Mar 2020 due to the archive moneyfire bug she just fixed:

Huge thank you to @mary for catching that (and, um, grabbing us by the scruffs of our necks and rubbing our faces in it until we paid attention, like twenty thousand dollars later?).

(What it says now if you archive a goal with a pending charge)

This goal has a pending derail charge of $___

Clicking the “Archive Now” button here will cause that charge to go through immediately.

If that derail was not legit for some reason, you should stop what you are doing and go talk to support to get that straightened out before you archive this goal.

eeenyway, to make sure we don’t make too much extra money, i rejargoned the UI today (old on left, new on right):

it seemed like the nerdy thing to do. we’ll probably deploy that tonight if you want to set aside a browser tab with the current version of the commitment tab of one of your goals to compare. there are also some less impactful (not that any of this is truly impactful – just changing UI copy) things changing on as well.

i think it’s actually friendly-ing things up on net. we have cleaner concept handles and more explanatory text to go with them.

Review of the terminological changes:

  1. The “commit-to (limit-to) section of the Commitment tab” is now just the road dial
  2. “Reduce safety buffer” is ratchet or ratcheting
  3. “Max safe days” is autoratchet or “capping your safety buffer”
  4. “Derail behavior” and “mercy days” is now (post-derail) respite
  5. “Weasel insurance” is now weaselproofing

PS: Apologies to @shanaqui who turns out was the first to both catch this and sound the alarm on this! @mary was also critical (see aforementioned face-rubbing). Anyway, the point is we got it fixed! :tada: :money_mouth_face: