True "no mercy" derail - no buffer days

I have a few goals that I want to do frequently - from most days to multiple times a day. They’re low priority goals, so sometimes I do derail when it’s been a crazy day, but I want to get right back on the horse the next day.

I have no mercy derail set on all of these, but even so, I end up with basically three days before they’re eeping at me again. This gets me out of the habit, since the goals aren’t yelling at me and they’re farther down my beeminder page. (Yes, I know I should plan to do things before they eep, but sometimes life gets in the way…)

Any chance for a “continuous eep” type of derail, more no-mercy than the current no-mercy option? When I derail, I want to immediately be eep again the next day until I fix it.

(Possibly this has been discussed before, but I trawled the search terms and couldn’t find it…?)


Not yet but @bee is getting super close on “generalized mercy” which will be a step in the right direction (it’s also the next step in the Yellow Brick Half-Plane project) even though the version we initially deploy probably still won’t have the ability to have an eep day the day after a derailment.

Great feature request, btw! I love how you think!