Does anyone beemind watching YT videos?

I’ve just found a movie on youtube (100% legal, put there by the owning company - just sayin’) I’d like to watch. I don’t want to waste too much time on it, though. I’m defining a do-less goal for that, but I started to wonder: would it be possible to have automatic data source for that? (I guess RescueTime could do it, but RescueTime is something I’d prefer to avoid.)

Any other ideas?

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I do this with TagTime. So not exactly automatic… I would certainly recommend RescueTime!

Well, I’ve been writing my replacement for RescueTime for a few months - it’s close to complete. I don’t like RT for several reasons, one of them is that it’s located in the butt, er, I mean the cloud. :wink: Also, it is not very configurable, I’m afraid. For instance: I guess that I can’t configure (or even know exactly!) how often RT polls my activities. My tool has a setting for that, and it comes in two flavors: uniform (every n seconds) or poisson (à la tagtime). One problem I have not yet solved is automatically dealing with closing/opening laptop lid. (Not that it’s difficult, but I haven’t done it yet.)

Also, I have the infrastructure for quite precisely determining what I’m doing, based (among others) on the title and class of the X window, but also the name and mode of the current Emacs buffer (this makes sense for me as I spend most of my computer time in Emacs - basically the only application I use beside it is a web browser).

I guess I’ll have to finally finish it, and add Beeminder integration.


I think Poisson polling is the only reasonable thing to do for TagTime, but when the polling is invisible to the user I think uniform is best. Unless you’re worried that the user could figure out that it polls when the seconds on the clock ends in 7 and thus can sneak quick peeks at facebook when the time tracker isn’t looking. :slight_smile:

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