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Does anyone know what is, who made it, whether it’s open source? There’s a nice website but few details!


dreeves said:

Oh, yes! That must be Krishna and Charles! Actually, can we repeat this in the new forum for TagTime discussion:

I don’t know the latest on their implementation but they’ve been active in the forum before so hopefully we can learn more from them there!


I just this morning decided to use a spreadsheet to track my time. I was using paper before (poorly), and (unseriously) toying with the idea of coding up something just like this. This looks much nicer than doing any of those things, but Windows is rightly complaining about the exe being unsigned. This makes me pretty nervous. Is anyone here behind it? I would also like to know if it’s open source.

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Hi @aliddell!

As @dreev says we’re the guys behind the I’m Charles.

Krishna and I had planned on building out TagTime as a product - so we built it out to have a lot of features we thought would be useful. But we didn’t get much traction when we posted it online so it’s kind of just been sitting there. However, it works beautifully and you shouldn’t have any trouble using it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just post a message in this forum and I’ll be happy to respond.

HTH and enjoy!



Is there a better place to report bugs and suggest features – maybe submit patches – than the Beeminder forum? Maybe a Github repo?

You can use the UI repo @aliddell ( but I feel the forum is generally the better place to discuss changes.

Hi Charles! Excited at the possiblity of a new Tagtime product - particularly if there is server-side storage of ping logs, and eventually some analytics/visualizations and ideally an API.

I use Tagtime every day, using only the Android app. For me having an Android app is probably the most important. I also had the Wear OS app, though never used it to answer pings as the UI contsraints made it impossible to choose more than the 2-3 most popular tags. If I had spare time I would contribute to both Android and possibly Wear OS development.

I have lots of ideas for improvements to the UX, and other features, which I would happily share if you think you have the bandwidth.

Hi @imoatama.

For me, the key difficulty with an android app is ping entry. I have some ~400 unique tags that I’ve entered so far and once a month or so a few new tags come up (and old tags drop off).

For a desktop app (such as the one we’ve developed) the problem was easily solved. Typing at high speed and using mouse selection simplifies the problem a lot which is why we started with that form factor. I’m not averse to developing an android version but (a) I would need to understand how tags could quickly and easily be entered and (b) see that there is some significant interest that could be built into a business around the product.

@imoatama, in the end, I am also very excited by the concept of TagTime so I’m pretty open to any suggestions or discussions :slight_smile:

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