ActivityWatch - OpenSource Time Tracking

I wonder if any of you have already checked out ActivityWatch? (I am about to)

RescueTime doesn’t want to run on Manjaro as I want it to and I planned to switch to ActivityWatch since a long time already, since it has some obvious and important advantages over other solutions. I will give you some goodies from the repo here:

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

I would love to have an integration for beeminder. How would one go about that?
Would anybody want to help me tackle this?



There is a post on the activitywatch forum asking for the same thing - activitywatch+beeminder integration -, including a link to someone’s solution.

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Does activitywatch have any plan to release an iPhone app?

I find it particularly handy to have it on my phone ratting on me if I use it during the times I’m not supposed to (night time)

Thanks so much for reviving this thread. This is criminal that this post hasn’t gotten more responses initially.

I tried to bring myself to try RescueTime, but I couldn’t.

I tried to use TagTime (I even re-implemented the Perl version in Python), but it is so hard for me to figure out how to classify everything right when I am pinged. Yes, you could argue that this is an argument to use it - to become more mindful, but in my opinion ActivityWatch uses the exact right antidote: just log all the data privately, and then analyze what you are interested in later.

For example, right now I try to bring my poor brain to work through SICP. How do I know that I work on SICP? Well, either 1) I am looking at the SICP book 2) I look at the Scheme Wiki SICP solutions (never happens of course) or 3) I am in Vim and ~/dev/sicp is my working directory. That’s it.

One of the arguments for TagTime and against RescueTime is: yes, well, but when you are on Facebook and you are a web developer Facebook could be both good or bad.

Okay, I get that, but I am pretty sure you can classify very easily when you are working and when you are slacking off based on the URL and window title.

All in all, this looks really promising. I love it. I have created a must-do goal for in a couple of days to report back how it is going.

Also, they mention syncthing for data synchronization. Everybody who uses syncthing has conquered my heart. It is such a beauty.

I run ActivityWatch on my linux machine and on phone, and I also had used RescueTime some time before (but I like how ActivityWatch treats user data much more). It would be interesting to use AW with beeminder.