Does the API ever care about usernames?

These are all equivalent:[token][token][token]

They all seem to return the user who owns the token.

As are these:[token][token][token]

They all return the tasks of the user who owns the token.

Are there any endpoints in the API that actually care about what you provide as the username?

I’m curious because I’m building a Beeminder wrapper in Python and I’m wondering if I can skip requiring a username and just rely on the user’s token.

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The documentation at says

Since appending an access_token to the request uniquely identifies a user, you can alternatively make the request to /users/me.json (without the username).

@drtall Right, but that’s specific to the users endpoint, so it doesn’t really tell me if that’s the case for the whole API.

Also… even that note isn’t entirely accurate, as it isn’t just “me” you can use. It will accept any string.

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Ah fair enough. Sorry I don’t know more than this

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No worries. :slight_smile: