Done with my PhD!

Just successfully defended my dissertation yesterday. I am not sure Beeminder really helped with making the slides for my defense:


As you can see I more or less ignored Beeminder and then made all the slides in a panic at the last minute. =)

However, Beeminder most definitely helped with actually writing my dissertation! Hours spent:


Pages written:


(That crazy pagecount spike in mid-August was my maniac week


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You reached your goal date on byorgey/defense.
Wanna do it again?

Thanks so much for the beeminding so far!

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I love the “Wanna do it again?” in the context of getting a PhD :slight_smile:


Hahaha, good point. I most vehemently do NOT want to do it again. =)


Congratulations! I discovered bm too late to help with my thesis, but in time to help preserve my sanity in the interim, through exercise, house work etc.

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maybe you want to make a script counting new characters added in the TeX file, then use is as an input to Beeminder?

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