Early Goal Completion?

Hi Everyone.
What happens if you reach a goal early?
For example, I have set a goal to reach one million steps by 30th Dec 19. But in reality, I will probably make it before the end of October. The idea was to set a new habit of walking more, which I have obviously done and am enjoying it.
Do I just give up on it, or is there a way to mark it completed? Or, not that I need to, extend it?

I just wasn’t sure what happens when you complete something ahead of time.

It depends on how the goal is set up! There are three fields: goal total, end date and goal rate. You set two of them and the third is auto-calculated, so what happens basically depends on which one is autocalculated. If it’s set by goal total and goal rate, then it will say it’s finished when you’ve reached the target, and allow you to archive it immediately. If you have an end date and goal rate, the graph will keep on going until your end date.

I’m not actually sure now on exactly what happens when you set by goal total and end date – I think it lets you archive it immediately, but either way it definitely doesn’t derail you if you do nothing more with it after that date/total.

OK Now that goes on my wall! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback shanqui.
The help is appreciated.

Just for the record, you can also do this. Just go to the “Commitment” tab and click on “Change goal date and goal value”.

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Silly me, I actually have a goal with this setup. So I can confirm that it won’t derail you or anything, but it keeps on going until the end-date even while you exceed the total. There’s a bug that means it starts telling you that you need to do negative amounts of the thing in order to be safe, but it’s just a visual issue.