What happens when a goal is met earlier than planned

So I met my goal earlier than planned which is great and I owe my progress to Beeminder. I want to create another one but do I have to wait until my goal date is here?




That is awesome, and the good news is that you don’t have to wait. You have two options:

You can change the goal to require more work and/or have a deadline further into the future.

You can archive the old goal - this requires a 7 day timer, but since you have already completed the goal you can just ignore it - and create a new one. Beeminder doesn’t have limits on the number of goals you can have (although you only get 7 freebees, if I remember correctly).

Which option you want to go with depends on what your original goal was and if it makes sense for you to extend it (eg. going from an emergency savings of 10000 dollars to 20000 dollars may not be something you want). If you rather focus on something different or change how you measure, it makes most sense to create a new goal.