eke? :slight_smile:


I suspect that the word ‘eke’ indicates a ‘technical pass’ where you’re right on the line at the goal date. i.e., you have husbanded your efforts, eked through, and avoided derailment. (Congratulations, btw!)

As I recall, there’s a weird edge condition at the target date where sometimes you’re below the line but it still counts the completed goal as a success. Zooming in, I think there’s a red triangle on that final day which, in an ongoing goal, normally would be labelled ‘eep!’ to indicate a beemergency.

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Yep, exactly right. I didn’t want to write a whole essay, so I made a humorous post of it. I was surprised though that it wasn’t documented anywhere.

I also learned that the second most infuriating Beeminder behaviour (to me) has a name… I’ve had goals end like this before, but I never noticed the notation on the graph before. It should be “fixed” IMO, instead of given a name. I don’t want technical passes or to eke by on a goal.

I can think of several scenario’s where important stuff just wouldn’t get done because of this. Goals leading up to an eke day just look wrong in the days before their end date as well (e.g. the due-by table and the text above the graph).