Errant Emergency day reminders?

Today I was warned twice at 5PM about emergency days on goals that I had cleaned up before noon.

Server migration woes, maybe?

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Thanks for reporting this! (And sorry we’re slow.) Were these email
reminders? Android?

If Android it sounds like something we fixed by Sunday:

(note that that was a server-side fix, not dependent on your beedroid

Definitely let us know if you (or anyone) continues to see this.

I am still getting android warnings for all my goals the day before they EEP, despite being set to ‘0’ days warnings. I am even getting notifications for my goals that I haven’t asked for notifications at all.

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Note that for now you still have set reminder settings for Android separately in the app. Does that explain the discrepancy?

It might, but that does seem totally confusing. Especially because the app doesn’t have the same options for setting notifications - in fact it doesn’t seem to have an option to select how many days in advance I should be notified at all.

I really hope you fix it soon because the new notifications are much more useful than the old ones, but there is a quick UVI in putting some text on the dashboard to say that the app must be configured separately.

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