Beeminder Android app keeps on giving me reminder one day ahead!

I have my reminder set at 9.30 am with 0 lead day and a deadline at 00.00 am in the goal setting

For example, after I wake up at 6 am, I check the beeminder for what I need to do today.

If I have a daily task, I will have a countdown of about 17 hours till derailment, and I and I will do that task and input the data into beeminder (usually via the web, not the app), then have around 1 day and 16 hours till derailment.

So I shouldn’t get any notification for that goal unless I don’t put any data after 9.30 am the next day since I have more than 1 lead day left.

Why is that at around 9 am this morning, I am still getting beeminder notifications saying that I have 1 day till derailment when I have more than 1 day and 16 hours left and reminder set to 0 lead day?

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Thanks for reporting this! I’ve noticed occasional overzealous reminders on Android as well but haven’t nailed down a reproducible bug yet. One thing to check: does it work to change the deadline to 23:59 so that there’s no ambiguity about the reminder start time and the deadline being within the same calendar day? Also reminder that Android reminders have to be set in the app – the Android app doesn’t yet support the reminder settings settable on the website. Cc @saranli

I’m not sure if this is the same issue, but I’ve noticed that my Android reminders keep buzzing even if I’ve entered data on the webpage. To get them to stop I end up having to manually fetch data (or perhaps reload the goal page itself in the app? Not 100% sure).

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Okay, I have set all my deadlines for all goals to 2359. I’ll if the issue will persist tomorrow.

PS, if you are using 24 hour time, why is there am for time before noon?


Still getting notifications after chaning to deadline to 2359.


Yeah, I’ve experienced this as well, with a number of my waterfall related goals so it doesn’t seem to be 00:00. I can’t remember when I first emailed it as an issue, I’m on version N of Android, could it be a version thing?

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