Erroneous behavior for goal reaching success at midnight

I have a goal ending today, at success. Unfortunately, Beeminder is responding inappropriately in a few ways.

  1. I’ve just gotten an “enter data” email; I have had these mails turned off for months for all my goals [0]. (ETA: I think it’s been triggered by zeno polling, which I have set to start at 11:30pm on an eep! day. But it isn’t the usual zeno mail I’m used to, and it shouldn’t be, since the goal is a success and there’s no eep here.)

  2. The dashboard says Time’s up!

  3. The goal page says Time’s up! (now that it’s midnight) and was showing me a red countdown all day:

  4. The iOS app also showed me a red countdown all day, and after midnight, this:

Obviously, this is distressing behavior. I submit that it’s also panicked-emails-to-support-inducing behavior and an excellent candidate for user-freak-and-bail-inducing behavior. [1]

In good news, there is one place where things are working as they should:

[0] Just checked my settings, and it looks like there’s no longer an option to get daily reminders about entering data? Or did I imagine that those used to happen, when I first signed up to Beeminder, and you had to turn them off? At any rate, either they were real and I turned them all of and defaulted new goals not to send them, or they never existed and I am just confused by the new wording that doesn’t sound as zeno-y as it used to.

[1] Or, more accurately, the lack of immediate response from support after the panicked email might likely induce freak-and-bail on the user’s part. I generally get a response from support within 24 hours, which is pretty great for most things, but OH SO EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW if I’m new to Beeminder and now my graph thingy is all red and exclamation pointy and oh my god I"m going to be charged money and aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [2]

[2] This would be solved by automated support responses. Something along the lines of: “Thanks for your message! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, and within 24 hours at the latest. Don’t worry—no matter what’s going on with your goal, you won’t be charged anything until before we get the issue resolved.”


After clicking archive, I see this on the dashboard:

Unfortunately, it’s sorted at the top of my list when I use the default deadline sorting (which is the sorting I most frequently use). That will be annoying for seven more days. Speaking of which, I see no reason to prevent instant archiving of a goal that’s completed. There’s no akrasia to be protecting against here.

EDIT: Oooooookaaaaaay…so I hovered over the black hexagon and it said “archive goal.” Uh…didn’t I just do that when I clicked “Archive” beside ARCHIVE GOAL?

So I clicked the black hexagon, and the goal is now archived. Yay for insta-archive! But boo for having to click twice, and for the confusion of the goal still appearing on the dashboard.