A few UI bugs around Goal Day + Eep

My goal https://www.beeminder.com/drtall/goals/gmailzero is set to end today, but it is also an eep day. I’m seeing mixed messages as to what will happen tonight if I don’t archive any emails:

  1. I got an eep day email “drtall/gmailzero on 03/07 (“Emergency” Day!) at $5”.
  2. Website shows https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnz2ehg40ot5l9a/Screenshot%202015-03-07%2012.19.44.png?dl=0 . Note “11 hours until derailment” combined with the smiley face icon.
  3. Android app shows “11h til goal date” with a green icon.

I don’t actually know the intended behavior, so I can’t tell you which parts need fixing, but the lack of consistency is definitely bogus. #1 contradicts #3, and #2 isn’t internally consistent (it should show “Eep!” on the graph if it is “11 hours until derailment” or it should say “11 hours til goal date” if it is going to show the smiley face).


Had a similar with the ios app: made my goal with room to spare, but got a “derailed” warning, even though the detail page showed success.

Not a big deal but one for the bug list.


FWIW this is happening again on my goal: https://www.beeminder.com/drtall/goals/gmailzero

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