Every x days instead of weekly / daily?

Hi, I’m obviously new to beeminder, since I’m posting in “Newbee”.

Is there a way of graphing every 2 days instead of weekly or daily? I’d like a goal of running every 2 days.

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Welcome! Beeminder is a pretty awesome tool, and I’d love to help you get past any hurdles (running pun #1!) getting started with it.

The way Beeminder handles this, in general, is to have a Do More goal with a daily rate of 0.5 or a weekly rate of 3.5. You would enter 1 to a goal if you went on a run.

If you start a goal with this, it will generally make you go do a run right away, since Beeminder, in general, assumes your goals are things you can do a little bit of. Think like… if you wanted to Beemind miles run versus times you went on a run. The easy solution to this is to have the goal start with a little extra safety buffer, so it says you don’t need to start a run for a few days. Then, you go on a run, enter 1, and you’re now “on track” (zing!)

Beeminder, in general, cares much more about your average rate than the specific-right-now rate, so this setup would let you go on a run every day for a week, and then take a week off. If this is not what you want, I still suggest trying it–it works pretty well for a lot of people.

You can eliminate extra safety buffer using the commitment tab, if you think you have built up too much and you want some extra pressure.


Thanks a bunch! I did not realize you could just type in decimal numbers.

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