Favorite Beeminder Goal on profile should be a clickable link

Forum profiles automatically link to Beeminder dashboards, which is very neat.

Under Preferences > Profile you can also name a Favorite Beeminder Goal to be displayed above your dashboard link. Which is incredibly neat as well!
However, it doesn’t automatically create a clickable link to that goal, which i find very baffling and slightly annoying.¹ Is there a reason for that? (I am equally surprised that no-one seems to have mentioned this yet on the forum, or at least I couldn’t find anything. Then again the Meta category is the smallest Beeminder-specific category on the whole Forum. [I not only browsed the Meta category, I also did a general Forum search for “favorite beeminder goal”, which gave me no relevant results. I’m not the best at finding things, though, so apologies if i missed a relevant thread!])

Just to be thorough, I have tried all different ways to spell the link I could think of:

  • https://www.beeminder.com/enbee/beecture
  • www.beeminder.com/enbee/beecture
  • beeminder.com/enbee/beecture
  • bmndr.com/enbee/beecture (which would be analogous to how the dashboard link looks)

None of them made the link clickable.

1 Most Bees I’ve come across in the Forum have very many Beeminder goals, so to find the favourite one means I either have to ctrl+f in the dashboard, or I have to copypaste the favourite URL into a new tab. Both not excessively inconvenient, but it’s at least bugged me (often) enough to create this post xD


We may be able to support this after going through this guide Use an ID in a custom user field to link to a user's external profile - admins - Discourse Meta, especially if we had folks use username/goalname as the format.