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When I’m in the forum, there isn’t any obvious immediate link to my goals. Going to the top and clicking Beeminder takes me to the front page, but that is very rarely where I want to go - I usually want to go to my goal gallery. Hopefully this isn’t too difficult, or even better - I’m overlooking the obvious :smiley:


Good point! Probably worth making this one click. Did you notice the “Your Goals” link in the header of the beeminder front page? That makes it two clicks. Still annoying?

Personally I use Fluidapp (OSX) so Beeminder is like its own app I can command-tab to.

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I suggested adding goal links to profiles. That’s still 2 clicks, but doesn’t involve a full page reload.


Yes, I know it is only two clicks, and that is what I find annoying :wink: When looking at the goals, the forums is one click away - I feel there should be symmetry (or even better; just plain the same header). This is not about what I can Alt-Tab to, or put in some other tab or whatever, but how easy I can get to my goals when I’m already somewhere on Beeminder.

It is not a very important suggestion, but I always find it weird when additional applications (forums or whatnot) are integrated in websites and then it still feels like an external site.


Oh, and slightly related - when on the forum page, then the tab will get … (2) if there are two new posts or something such that it is visible while I’m at other tabs. It would be cool if that information also could be provided by the forum link in the main header (further integration that is).

hah! thanks for that @larsivi. I hadn’t noticed the one-click to get to the forum from our header.

Marking the number of new posts seems tricky, since that’s subjective to your last visit rather than a generic link thing. How much value do you think it’d add to your experience?

p.s. I particularly like how the forum header links back to either the forum home page or to Beeminder, depending on how deep you are. Symmetry of a kind, since many external forums only seem ever to link back to the forum home page.

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Yes, I can see how that is more tricky to implement - could be more static though, only set on page load. In any case, certainly not anywhere close to a deal breaker :smile:

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