Feature Request: Add Derail Cost $$$ to info on Mobile App Goals

I use the app primarily. I’d like to see how much it’s going to cost me if I derail. See the dollar amounts I added to this image:

It would be EXTRAORDINARILY motivating to see this information every time I look at the app.
In the above example, I would hype myself up to complete the $90 gym goal tomorrow.

Philosophically, it seems that providing the cost of derailment is a core and essential feature for proper beeminding in The Beeminder Way. THIS goal must be completed THIS date or you pay THIS much. It’s necessary to have that info in order to follow the idea that Paying is not punishment.

Seems like an easy update. Huge improvement for little cost, very high ROI.


Sorry, I made some important updates to above. I’m done editing!

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Hi! Not sure if this is something we can do, but it’s useful to hear you’d be interested!

The dollar amounts do appear on the graph images (you can actually see them in your screenshot, which I’d kind of blanked out/forgotten myself!), so maybe that’ll help in the meantime? I know it’s a bit faint, but at least it is there as an immediate reference. :slight_smile:


@shanaqui I never knew that info was there, faint. After a few days working with the app with this knowledge, the faint numbers just don’t stand out enough to be taken into account during day to day use.

I think that one’s financial commitment on each goal should be clearly visible so one can make intelligent decisions. The money is literally a main point of your service. I think that the lack of the visibility of this information is an unbelievable limitation/omission. It’s absolutely core to beeminder philosophy.

[EDIT: I deleted another comment and made slight changes here to provide better focus.]