Feature Request: Show pledge in local currency

So where I’m from, I don’t pay $10 for my second level pledge. I pay about $15-16. My $30 derail costs me nearly $50! Perfect Beeminder should reliably tell me the real financial cost (in terms that are meaningful to me) of not doing what I said I would do yesterday. Minimal mental gymnastics required.

I’m not sure how many users this affects. It’s of no consequence if you intend to never derail -I used to live in this camp- but its of huge consequence if you want to discover your motivation point and use Beeminder the way it was designed.

I’m a little bit scared to keep going with goals with higher pledges, not necessarily because of the pledge level but because of how warped my automatic perception of the pledge is.


Oh I really need this too. I signed up when the Canadian dollar was on par with the American dollar, so $5 was $5 and so on. But the Canadian dollar has gone down the gutter since then because of oil prices, and so now $5 is closer to $8, and $10 is $16 etc. and I’m still shocked at the Beeminder fees every time I open my bill.

At face value, my brain still thinks $10 in Beeminder means $10 Canadian. My bank unfortunately does not agree.


Sounds like an easy #UVI to implement, as long as people agree on a disclaimer that the exact price your bank will end up charging will not be exactly the same.
Then again it will also be a bit strange to show in the chart “26.91€” with huge numbers instead of “$30”…

Perhaps a better option would be to allow people to round up to their local currency. E.g.
5€, 10€, 30€…


Interestingly, I have the opposite problem; USD doesn’t amount to very much in GBP, so it takes longer to build up to locally-relevant pledge amounts.


So I guess that as I’m living in an economy whose local currency is melting down at a fairly predictable pace, this relatively simple (?) UVI would give me easy access to an extra (and potentially huge) incentive.