Feature request: arbitrary (or at least more granular) pledge caps

The ability to set pledge caps allows Beeminder to be used in an unusual way: allow myself to derail if (and only if) it’s worth more than $X to me.

The problem with this use case currently is the inflexibility of the pledges: there are huge gaps between possible amounts, especially $10 and $30. If you allowed an arbitrary pledge cap, the escalation could work as usual, except any time it would escalate above the cap, it instead escalates to the actual cap amount.

I have a couple more related feature requests I’ll be making next (small pledges and prepaid pledges).


I’m liking this – custom pledge caps – as a potential premium perk. We have a redesign of premium plans very gradually taking shape [1] and this makes a lot of sense as part of that.

PS: Your way of using Beeminder is not so unusual. Our esteemed CTO even blogged about it. It’s obviously very much in our interest to encourage that so if this idea gets many likes it will be very persuasive to us that this needs to happen.

[1] Lest anyone think that’s a reason to delay getting a premium plan, let me assure you it’s the opposite! We grandfather people very generously so whatever new plans or rearrangements of plans we come up with, we’ll err on the side of giving you more for cheaper if you’re currently premium.