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Is Infinibee enough to get 1$ caps back?

Beeminder pricing page is quite confusing

“Goals with no pledges” is listed at Beemium level, “Cap pledges, schedule breaks” is listed at core beeminder.

It is not clear to me where 1$ pledges feature went.

Killing 1$ pledges is a bit sad to me as it raised Beeminder pricing five times to me for no benefit at all[0]. To the point that I am considering premium plan as it may be overall cheaper (though if it requires Beemium then it would not work).

[0] If benefit is that survival of Beeminder is more likely then there is actually some benefit.
[0] Yes, 5$ and 1$ derail has exactly the same effect on me. Yes, it is irrational. But if I would be rational then I would not need Beeminder at all.

Hi! Thanks for mentioning you were confused about this. There are no $1 pledges at all anymore, except for goals that were created during the pledge schedule experiment, which has now ended.

If you do have a goal that’s grandfathered in, you’d need a Beemium subscription in order to have a pledge cap set at $1, since it’s basically a pledgeless goal as far as revenue goes. That would still work, and there are currently no plans to switch those goals back over to the correct pledge schedule, though it may happen in future and we’ll communicate with users affected by that if we choose to do that.

All my goals with 1$ pledge caps were edited by Beeminder to change them to 5$ pledge cap.

Then pricing page likely needs no change as making it more clear to old users would likely make it less clear for old users.

Ah, there’s a difference between the “pledge cap” and the ability to have a $1 pledge to start with. Only people with Beemium subscriptions can have pledges at $1 after the initial pledge. If you don’t have Beemium, your pledge cap is $5 at the lowest – on either pledge schedule. $1 pledges behave exactly the same as $0 pledges in that way.

So to be clear, if you got Beemium now, you could still have a $1 pledge cap on those goals.

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but not new ones? (I interpret “There are no $1 pledges at all anymore” in this way)

Correct! There was an experimental pledge schedule that included a $1 level. That has been discontinued and can only be used on old goals. At this time we don’t intend to convert those goals, but may do so in future.