Feature Request: Buy days off

I’m trying to deal with my current situation:

  • I was doing well and staying on my road
  • I had a bad day (or two) and went off the rails
  • I paid my “oops” fee and the road reset
  • When I weighed in this morning I’m back on track for my original road (although I agree my purple average line is still above the road)

I’ve done this a few times and it’s always frustrating - now that I’ve paid for my “relaxed” yellow brick road I’m not as motivated to try hard to lose weight. Right now I’m not supposed to derail for 28 days - good for me, but means I’ve got four weeks of padding that I don’t really want. And yes, I know I can retroratchet - I’ve done that a few times. It’s not quite as satisfying and requires me to be, well, really motivated to chose to decrease my buffer.

What I’d really like is to pay to “ignore” a day or two - like $5 per day or something. So I’m basically betting against myself - I think I can get back on my yellow brick road in a short amount of time (less than a week $30/6 = $5), so I’m willing to make that bet. Plus I’d feel extra smug that I a) won my bet against myself, and b) managed to get back onto my yellow brick road.

I suppose I could drop down my pledge to $5-10, and then do the retroratchet to similar effect… I just really hate seeing all my yellow brick road spikes - it’s very demotivating :frowning:


This is really good feedback! We have a laundry list of things we’re going to be trying with weight loss goals, some of which I’m hoping will at least get closer to your eloquently articulated ideal. Simplest might be our long-awaited road editor, with which to easily get rid of the demotivating spikes!

Stay tuned, and keep this kind of feedback coming!

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If you sign up for Bee Lite (https://www.beeminder.com/settings/premium), you can adjust the “Abs lane width” setting (described as “Absolute width of (half of) the yellow brick road road”) of a goal. This effectively allows you to give yourself more time and then take it back after a couple of days when you’re back on track. Changing this does not affect your actual yellow line.
Of course, it’s a dangerous setting, it can become tempting to keep increasing the width more and more and more… :slight_smile: