Feature Request: Current slope of Moving Average in hover text.

Hello Folks,

I’m beeminding my body weight right now, and I’m often curious to measure the slope of the weighted moving average.

Would it be possible to include the slope at the endpoint in the hover text?

See image for an example.

Thank you kindly


Sometime in the next five to six years (per my estimation), we should have the new interactive charts replacing the static images. Just hold on /s :wink:

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I’m specifically not holding my breath for that. :slight_smile:

Calculating a slope and putting it in the hover text feels like a feature that is 1/1000 the effort for a substantial benefit.

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Well, more stats like the one you want is in @dreev’s todo list since 2015 :wink:

In any case, in an effort to be more helpful: you could have an IFTTT recipe copy your data to a spreadsheet in Google Drive. Then you can calculate any kind of stuff with it.
(Screenshot my own recipe)

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I would love that as well! Or even if the background background yellow lines had slope labels on them