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Feature Request: Extended Accountability Reporting

I like the idea of having an accountability partner being emailed if I derail. Cleaning my room 10 minutes a day, for example. However, I also want to build in a good buffer, something like 60 minutes, which would be 6 days, so if I’m sick I can just count that as a sick days and not have to derail and ask for forgiveness.

But then it would also be nice to have an email go out to an accountability partner (or therapist) if I don’t clean my room for 3 days in a row. That could be a signal that I’m suffering from depression or something.

Anyway, from what I’ve read, I doubt this would be priority, it’s really more of a quantified self thingy with accountability partner alarm added in. But I thought I’d just mention it, as something like this would be potentially helpful for people who suffer from episodes of depression. Depression can lead to missed goals, and an early bird alarm could help with that.


Obligatory note that you might be able to hack something together with your own script, or with a tool like Integromat. Though when you want to automate emailing someone else things can get trickier (vague handwaving).


I really love this idea, and I can totally relate to that kind of depression. There are lots of goals not worth bugging somebody frequently about, but which might warrant a check-in from somebody you trust if you progress has stalled.

There are lot of more depression friendly ways to use beeminder using integrations that I’ve thought, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it cause of the depression lmao