Feature Request: Goal Page as List View

Hi there,

Especially when minding many goals, I would find it helpful to have the option to use a list view/table for my goals and if there could be even a way to quickly enter data that would be extremely timesaving, too.

What do you think? Or is it there and I am just too blind?




Great idea!

I assume that you’ve found the Quick Add box on your gallery page, which at least means that you don’t need to visit each goal’s page in order to add data. It’s still one goal at a time, though.

Obviously, the quickest way to add data is to somehow automate the entry so that doing the task results in the goal being updated. Sometimes there’s value in adopting a less perfect proxy, just to avoid manual entry.

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Yeah! I use Quick Add but my idea is kinda different.


Obligatory: https://xkcd.com/1319/


I do automate (complice, misfit) but my suggestion is not about automation. It is about UI.

I have not suggested that the tile view has to go but it would be good to switch between the tiles view and a list/table view.