"Next" & "Previous" buttons?

Crazy idea.

I often find myself opening all my goals in tabs in order to add breaks, beetune, etc.

What if Beeminder instead had a “Next” button on the goal page that I could hit to load the next goal, allowing me to work my way through all my goals without having to open everything in tabs or remember where I left off on my dashboard?

I’m pretty sure I’d use it a lot.


Great idea! I would use this too when scheduling breaks.


How would you find out which is the next and previous goal? Based on the sort from the dashboard? How should we handle changes in the sort order during review?


Drat! As always, mutability ruins everything.

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Did someone already make a “open all goal detail pages in tabs” extension? That would help freeze that state…

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Oh, well. It was a thought, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, this would totally work in lots of UIs, like if the Dashboard expanded view was the full Goal Details page.

Please hit me with any UI updates you can think of, even ones that may take a lot of work! I think Beeminder’s UI may be in a bit of a local maximum but definitely not in a global one!


I’m definitely going to try to take you up on this!

Ok, that extension looks super useful, I’m now really glad you posted this feature request so I now know this exists! :pray:

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