Automatically shifting goals messes me up

The only complaint I have is that while it’s cool that the goals shift around when you enter data to automatically re-rank in order of eep-iness, I find that this often leads to a goal reordering itself right under my mouse and I enter incorrect data. I’d prefer a manual “refresh” button or something.

This is the only thing that has ever really bothered me about Beeminder, so that’s cool.


Thanks for voicing that! I like the auto-shifting personally but I’ve now heard this enough times that I might just be wrong. Because manually refreshing (if it didn’t have to be basically a full page reload) would be fine with me. So that might be the best of both worlds.

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I have a similar problem - my issue is more so that I input data in one goal and start to input it in another while the goal is updating. After the ajax call to update it on the server completes, the view re-orders and in the process, the input loses focus and I end up typing a note that isn’t captured.

My issue can probably be solved by tracking the current item with focus in javascript before re-ordering on the the callback and returning focus to it afterward. Or probably more complex - don’t re-create the view to reorder it, actually re-order the DOM elements. I think that the browser would let you keep focus as is that way.

Overall - I don’t need to see my graph in a data entry view, I was happy with the table like view from before. Overall, I don’t imagine people spend a tremendous amount of time staring at the dashboard vs. using it for quick data entry but I don’t know how everyone uses it!

In any case, great job in general - it’s much better looking aesthetically - I’m just the utilitarian/function follows form perspective weighing in.


These seems to be addressed with the new “Click deadline to resort” pop up after you update a goal. Thanks!!!