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Feature Request: Integration with Headspace


Big fan of Beeminder and big fan of Headspace.

Given Headspace has the attached sort of monitoring already, it could make sense for people who want to adhere to a run streak/ amount of time meditated/ number of sessions done to use the app?

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Thanks for suggesting this! Do you know if Headspace has an API and/or if those statistics are public?

I’m not sure if Headspace has an API, but it integrates with Google Fit and Apple Healthkit. We have a Healthkit integration, but not an official Google Fit integration.


Hi Dreev,

Thanks for getting back to me! Unfortunately I don’t particularly know what an API is - let alone if Headspace has one. It would seem that the stats aren’t public as far as I can tel tell. :frowning:

Indeed on iPhone it can send the number of minutes in Health , under the value Mindful Minutes. The number can be beeminded

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