Bug fixes for Apple Health integration

There’s a new version of the iOS app, 4.8, in the store today that should hopefully fix the duplicate data issue as well as the overwrite-datapoints-with-zeros issue that some people were seeing especially on mindful minutes goals.

More updates coming soon! I wanted to get these fixes out as soon as possible though.

Tagging various people who have mentioned having one or both of these issues: @dehowell @samiswellcool @icole @apolyton @wswld


Thank you, will report back how it goes. Getting data for mindful minutes have been quite erratic

Since you’re into doing updates on the app, would it possible that hitting the refresh icon on the goal screen to also update the data points?

Thank you


Now just need to fix the fact that sometime the iOS integration just stops syncing without warning…


That is in fact something I’ve been debugging! The update may actually fix some instances where that was happening. If you’ve noticed any specific circumstances where it stops syncing, could you add details here or email support with them? It’ll help a ton.

Right now the workaround I’ve found works is to go into the app (often this alone will fix the issue) and tapping Reset Data in the settings screen - if you’ve found that this doesn’t fix the issue, there might be something else going wrong.


@apb Thanks very much for the fix! I no longer see any duplicate entries or having the goal stop syncing (I believe that might have been related somehow to me deleting duplicate data points though)