Feature Request: iOS Health glucose and daylight time tracking

Just putting these out there hoping maybe they will make the todo list.

Blood glucose is helpful for diabetics but also helpful for those of us who track for weight loss, snacking and carb control. I use it instead of weight because water and muscle gain throws that off.

Time in daylight: This new health tracker would help force some of us to get outdoors. Especially to get the sunlight benefits during winter.

Thanks for any consideration!


This is like weight right? You measure it one or more times over the course of the day, and would want to beemind the highest/lowest (which?) value seen that day?

And this is like time in bed / time asleep? An aggregate of the total number of minutes/hours spent over the course of a day?


Yep. And I’d really like this one to be beemindable as well.


Yes. With the blood glucose you can measure however many times day. What I am doing manually now is taking the morning reading since that is what is typically used medically to judge as a first measure for prediabetes or diabetes. So I’m just taking the first measurement of the day because it will reflect a higher number if I was snacking or if with my eating was off day before. I don’t want the number to be off by taking it after a meal. But even though I’m not going to log it into beeminder I do sometimes check after meal just to see the response based on what I ate.

And yes it looks like the time in daylight is logged the same as time in bed and time asleep.


It sounds like you are applying some judgement around which reading to report to beeminder, which means it is not clear it could be 100% automated (or maybe there is and I haven’t thought of it).

In your perfect world, how would this work?


I just do a do less goal. You are right you cannot 100% automate it… well there are wireless readers now so technically you probably can but I would not. The reason is these at home readers can be off. So I triangulate three readings and get the average. But if I do two readings and they are right there at each other I average that. These readings like I mentioned are as soon as I get up in the morning. So automation for me is not having to go into beeminder directly to input the reading. Now I input the number by voice or text into my Apple Watch health app with a shortcut. I don’t keep my Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on my watch on all day so whenever I connect it just syncs to the phone’s health app (and if there is a future sync for it therefore to beeminder). I would still open up beeminder sometimes throughout the day to ensure it has synced… as I do to glance at all goals by end of day.

I will be adding to my current shortcut that inputs to apple health to then sync to beeminder via the mail app on my watch at the time of the reading. Or it goes to a completed reminder which I intend to include in a sequence of completed reminder actions to sync to differenct beeminder goals by the mail app.