Any ideas on how to automate wake up time/bed time?

So the tools that I have are:
-IOS iphone xs max (and thus apple health)
-fitbit blaze + flex 2
-fully automated bluetooth scale
-Rescuetime premium membership
-Used to using IFTTT apps

So, because fitbit does determine when you go to sleep/wake up, the easiest way would be to somehow involve fitbit so far. Then I thought using an IFTTT applet however, there’s no IFTTT applet from fitbit as of yet that has “wake up before or go to sleep before”, unless there’s some way I can create this myself? i imagine fitbit has to do this. Second, I thought maybe to transfer fitbit data to apple health then connecting to apple health, but i dont think beeminder supports wake up time/bed time data from apple health. I might have to do a more complex thing like an IFTTT applet which triggers when I first weigh myself for the day before a certain time which I could assign +1 for the day? Any better ideas from people? thanks

fitbit can send the time you woke up and also total hours of sleep to Beeminder via IFTTT

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thanks, that solves half the puzzle. so what would i need to set up before that? because if i go straight to IFTTT theres only an option of do more of x units.

which services did you use? i can’t manage to combine fitbit and beeminder to get it to that screen. Mind sharing your applet?

EDIT: nvm i found out how to make the applet, now how to integrate it eeeh

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