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Feature Request: More Prominent Display of Fine Details

BASE REQUEST: End users rely on the fine details to help guide them on exactly what they need to do for a particular beeminder pledge/contract. However, the fine details are not prominently displayed in the web interface, and are missing entirely from the app. So I suggest that you update both to have this info displayed prominently.


For example, here’s the main screen of the app interface (Android):

And here is a drill down to the contract:

This drill down screen shows neither the contract description nor the fine details, which are critical pieces of information. There’s a lot of screen real estate being used for the preview of historical data, but that is also provided in the data history page. The only indication of which task I’m looking at is the first 10 letters of the task’s URL-name (in this case “schedfocus…”).

I think it would be a better use of this screen space to provide the complete short description and fine details. It would also be useful to end-users to have the fine details more prominently displayed on the web interface.

The web interface is only showing a truncated version of the short description. The web interface has plenty of screen real estate to display both the short description as well as the fine details.

Hi! Thanks for your suggestions – it’s great to know what folks are interested in. Just to kind of set expectations, though, the apps are just meant to be companions to the site, good enough to enter data and send you a reminder that your goals are due, but not to replace the main site at all. We don’t have a big enough team to support that, so I’m afraid I pretty strongly advocate against adding anything that makes the apps a bit more complete. :sweat_smile: So in general, I wouldn’t expect to see the app change very much.

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