Feature Request: single datasource, multiple goals

Incidentally, this is an argument for basing multiple goals off of the same datapoint values. Some could be binary and count the number of datapoints, others could sum them or use the maximum. In an ideal future world, there’d be no need of using IFTTT to shuffle data between these semi-identical goals.


Multiple goals from same data would be amazing. To do that, though, it seems like you’d just need a free-to-use-for-individuals external QS data hub with an official/very robust third party integration to Beeminder.

I just have not seen a service like that 1. has good or greater ease of input than Beeminder itself and 2. is not overly specialized or limited in what kind of data it supports. Right now Beeminder is my most comprehensive QSish data hub!

(Pryv shows some promise in this role, but I can’t figure out how to do manual data entry. I wasn’t really sure how it works or organizes data overall. I’ll add giving it more of a chance to my Backlog and start a discussion if I figure out something helpful.)

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Absolutely, you can hack this as a user. I do something similar with our webhook callbacks and my dance.pl script on GitHub. And as in the original thread, you can use IFTTT or Zapier to mirror datapoints.

But that seems wildly inefficient from an infrastructure perspective, and potentially fragile too. Much better to have a single data refresh behind the scenes, rather than pipe data around all over the place.

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