Feature Request: SVG for the chart


You see that? This chart looks gross(ly blurry) on any display with a dpi worth talking about. Compare this with the rendering of the text above. It’s 2018, please use SVG. Browsers love it.
Plus your mobile apps will look pretty, too. The chart on an iPad Pro is just… like… … please use some vector graphics. Please. Thanks!

(Other than that I totally love the chart, no hard feelings!)


There is a nice JavaScript library for this: D3.js. We would also like to include this feature in the Nectar mobile app. Pull requests welcome!

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This is coming, but I don’t think it’s the next thing on the list.

You can get a preview by going to https://road.glitch.me/login and looking at your graphs there–and it even has an SVG download! I had to do some road edits the other day, and I when I saw how crisp and sharp everything was on the Road Editor, it reminded me of the first time I used a high-DPI display.

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Well, it was promised for October 2015, too bad @dreev didn’t have CommitsTo at the time :stuck_out_tongue: