RescueTime iOS app released

For any RescueTime users, they have a new iOS app now which does some basic tracking

To be exact, it only tracks the amount of time that the phone is in use. There is no individual app or website tracking (Apple restrictions).
What you can do is have goals and alerts on mobile use, so that’s something.

I actually managed to do a new Beeminder goal through Zapier that feeds from RescueTime alerts.

If anyone is interested let me to know to write in more detail.


Android app was updated the same day so I guess they should be pretty similar.

Did you test how accurate it is? I have a goal with something like 10 minutes/day and new measurements don’t seem to be sufficiently accurate, so test that angle if you’re going to use it in a similar way

UPD: turns out the problem was not in accuracy, but in data getting to RescueTime after Beeminder stopped polling them for that day. If you have RescueTime-powered goals with a deadline at midnight, beware! (although I think that would be fixed soon, if not already)

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The Android app can track which app you’re in and which website you’re on in the browser.

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Unfortunately tracking is inconsistent on iOS :frowning:
Don’t count on it for now.

Mobile tracking is back on iOS Rescuetime!
Seems to give similar numbers with Apple’s ScreenTime too

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aww shoot, now I gotta pay attention to how much I YouTube on the phone. Thanks for the warning :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t track app usage. I guess no access to that.

So you’re safe! Unless you use Screen Time


Apple announced a new Screen Time API feature that would potentially allow RescueTime to access data collected by Screen Time (the native iOS tool that time tracks the usage of the device with app-specific and website-specific information). Please check out these 2 posts for more information:



As far as I can tell, as of iOS 15, the ScreenTime APIs exposed require a parent/child iOS setup :frowning:


Found this interesting thread on StackOverflow, if anyone is interested

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