Taskratchet Zapier Integration

Hey friends,

I created a quick and dirty Taskratchet Zapier integration, which can create tasks, and trigger on tasks created, thought some people might like it!

Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to get update task working easily, so no automatically checking off actions, but otherwise should be quite functional. Enjoy!


Ooh, this is fantastic!! How can we get this to the point where we can add this to the TaskRatchet home page, tweet it, etc, etc? Is the code behind this open on GitHub? I know there are probably changes I could make to the API that would make this kind of thing significantly easier to build!


The code is actually all managed on Zapier’s platform, they do have a CLI that you can export to but given my hacky coding skills I find it easier to start in their GUI and then edit the code in the few places it needs it afterwards. I invited Nathan@taskratchet.com as an admin for the project.

They have a tool you can use that shows what needs to be changed for them to publish it, I think if you’re an admin it’s 90% of the way there (Right now I have it set as an integration by a random user, which doesn’t allow you to publish it on their site), just need to change a few help texts etc here and there.


Perfect, thank you so much for jump-starting this!!